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Handling Water Restoration in East Brunswick Business Premises

12/19/2022 (Permalink)

Pipe Leak Call the professionals at SERVPRO to help with water restoration to your property.

SERVPRO Reduces Water Damage Hassles in East Brunswick

A misfortune such as a leaky water pipe or damaged appliance can affect your premises at any time, including when you have other engagements like social events or higher numbers of clients to serve. Dealing with such incidents poses extra challenges because you must counteract the adverse moisture effects while keeping up with your expected schedule. Involving a professional can help you manage water restoration without missing any appointments.

An experienced team segments water restoration in East Brunswick premises into different stages. A hands-on intervention is necessary for the early stages. Once the situation is controlled, some steps can be carried out without constant human input, especially if the crew has sophisticated equipment. SERVPRO invests in state-of-the-art equipment that simplifies and expedites the process.

Restoration can be divided into:

  • Initial response
  • Restoration stage
  • Finishing stage

In the early stages, the priority steps are stopping the water source and minimizing moisture contact with materials. If the intrusion comes from a supply pipe, turning off the main supply valve or clamping the damaged pipes takes care of the incoming water, and extraction with a powerful pump eliminates stagnation. Both actions are essential to minimize the level of contact materials have with moisture. Our SERVPRO crews offer all the expertise and tools necessary to facilitate a sufficient response.

Addressing Moisture Damages 

Several changes in materials exposed to moisture are reversible when appropriate action is taken. Soiling is one of the basic forms of deterioration to address. Our SERVPRO technicians use proprietary cleaning agents and specialized equipment to remove the soil. For example, we can use rotating brushes to remove sediments and dirt that collect on floor surfaces after stagnation. Other changes, like swelling of wooden materials and fabric odors, require advanced processes such as specialized drying.

Appropriate drying equipment:

  • Air movers
  • Cavity drying equipment
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Direct expansion units

SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows lifts the burden of water restoration, ensuring you concentrate on your business. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. (732) 432-9800.

Assessing Contents for Fire Damage in East Brunswick Restaurants

6/20/2022 (Permalink)

vans opened doors, stocked with devices in warehouse SERVPRO works hard and fast, arriving with a stocked Green Fleet to mitigate East Brunswick fire damaged restaurants and places of business.

Fire Damage to Contents Must Be Handled Fast

There are multiple possible triggers for fire damage in local restaurants, from flare-ups in the kitchen to an accident with a culinary torch. When smoke and fire loss effects overwhelm the contents of your restaurant, SERVPRO is here to help.

Rapid Response for Assessment

Our trained response team must evaluate and catalogue fire damage to East Brunswick restaurants. Understanding the scope of the damage can ensure the right tools and equipment are sent to help. 

Relocating the Clean Contents

Not all contents like those sealed in cabinets and closed shelving require on-site cleaning. In many cases, removing them from the damaged area is enough to protect them from soot and smoke damage exposure.

On-Site Cleaning in Staging Locations

Staging areas are exclusively created to make a shorter path to the work site within the building. This is a clean space to store tools and equipment and reduce cross-contamination possibilities. Staging areas outside the building, especially in Large Loss recovery, can also be used for cleaning contents and furniture pulled from the property.

Off-Site Recovery at Our SERVPRO Warehouse

When cleaning is not possible at the restaurant or in the staging areas created for restoration work in the building, technicians can move them to our nearby SERVPRO warehouse for more intricate attention. Silverware, dishes, and other non-porous materials can benefit from the submersion ultrasonic tank to remove soot and smoke deposits, for example. We can help with:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Ultrasonic tank cleaning
  • Soft material cleaning
  • Deodorization

Restaurants are full of furniture, equipment, dishes, and other loose contents that a fire could ruin. Because of our commitment to a fast response and reliable care and handling of these impacted items, we can help your business recover more quickly after a loss. Give our SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows team a call at (732) 307-9665. 

Who Can Remove Water Quickly from My East Brunswick Office?

5/17/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment Did your office experience a water loss event? This is just some of the restoration equipment we have at our disposal. Call SERVPRO today!

Between Efficient Extraction and Drying Approaches, We Can Make Water Losses "Like it never even happened" for Your Business.  

Water losses throughout your East Brunswick office space can spread quickly from severe storm systems to breaks in the plumbing lines. As challenging as these conditions might be to overcome, it becomes harder the longer that the property waits for mitigation and other vital actions to begin. It is also essential to recognize the impact that any water loss has on your ability to serve customers and provide a safe environment for your staff. When this is no longer possible, immediate emergency services and restoration tactics are necessary to get you back in business. 

There are many facets of water damage in East Brunswick office buildings that must get addressed as soon as professionals arrive. Our SERVPRO team features a full roster of water restoration technicians (WRT), as well as many professionals accredited in other areas in this niche, like applied structural drying (ASD) or applied microbial remediation (AMRT). The methods and techniques learned by these professionals drive our water restoration process. Combined with industry-leading equipment and tools, we can make it "Like it never even happened." 

What Steps Happen First with Water Restoration?  

Our technicians' first steps taken when water loss has affected your building are critical to protecting your structure, documents, and contents. We have specific emergency services that we can use when our professionals arrive at your damaged business. Because we also have a division of qualified contractors, we can offer a unique assortment of emergency services, going beyond traditional restoration approaches. Here are some of the standard methods and techniques that you can expect to see from our technicians beginning as soon as we arrive: 

  • Content Management – Content management can embody several tasks designed to protect personal belongings, furniture, and documents throughout your office building. When water losses spread through multiple building areas, content management becomes a vital effort to begin as soon as our team arrives. 
  • Extraction – Removal of standing water can also be an essential effort from our emergency response team. We utilize several specific devices and equipment to accomplish this, including submersible pumps, wet vacuums, and other specialty drying tools. 
  • Repairs – Because we have a team of in-house contractors at our disposal, repairs and controlled demolition are two areas where we can also offer assistance. It is vital to repair or replace damaged portions of this network with breaches in the plumbing to allow the lines to get pressurized again. 

What Tools Are Best for Extraction of Standing Water? 

Removing standing surface water in East Brunswick is an essential element in regaining control of this situation. Migrating water loss effects can be challenging, especially when standing water exists in more than one area. To prevent further migration and saturation into exposed structural elements in construction materials, we can utilize multiple tools to remove pooling water before the situation gets worse. There are several options for water removal in our inventory, and some of these include: 

Why is Controlled Demolition Effective for Water Restoration?  

With a team of contractors available throughout the mitigation and restoration phases of water recovery for your office building, techniques like controlled demolition are possible. Because so many materials are porous and sensitive to water penetration, tear-out and controlled demolition are efforts that can help. Removing compromised portions of affected materials can prevent more widespread tear out and repairs later. Beyond a suitable foundation for rebuilding, the primary advantages of controlled demolition after a water loss incident in your office building are: 

  • Ease of access to moisture pockets
  • Remove damaged portions of material
  • Reduce microbial threats 

Does SERVPRO Reconstruct?  

As a business that serves multiple clients daily, your office building does not have to be in a prolonged state of reconstruction and repair after a water loss incident. By choosing our SERVPRO team, you get the full measure of our qualified commercial contractors. After mitigation completes, we can deploy these professionals to begin repairs, build back, and even full-scale reconstruction. 

After water loss incidents impact your office building, there's a finite amount of time to restore and recover your property before irreparable damage occurs to documents, furniture, and structural integrity. Our SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows team can help with real-time solutions from extraction to drying. Give us a call anytime at (732) 432-9800.

A Worrisome Leak in My Plainsboro Store

4/27/2022 (Permalink)

WATER DRIPPING FROM DROP CEILING Is your Plainsboro business raining on the inside from a leaking pipe? Call SERVPRO to mitigate your problem.

Have SERVPRO Check Out Leaks in Your Store in

Anyone who has ever had a leak can tell you that even the smallest one can cause tremendous trouble in your business. Call experts to fix the problem when you spot a telltale sign in your Plainsboro store, such as a fading spot on a wall or a bubble in your ceiling. Once you identify the source of the issue and fix it, call a professional service to address any water damage needs.

Commercial water removal in Plainsboro is our specialty at SERVPRO. Our technicians arrive at your store and closely inspect the premises to detect any damage hiding behind walls or under fixtures upon receiving your call. Using our industrial-strength equipment, we can precisely detect excess moisture and take appropriate steps to remediate it.

What should I look for when there is water damage in my store?

Some water damage is evident, but there are other cues our SERVPRO team looks for in your store. Inexplicable wet spots on walls or a vague smell of mildew can all point to an underlying problem. Our team typically searches for the following as well-

  • Signs that your subfloor is weak
  • Evidence of electrical shock risk
  • Presence of mold

Protecting your health, business, and staff is our priority. Call SERVPRO of East Brunswick/Princeton Meadows at (732) 307-9665 for expert help and let us leave your store "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage and Your Commercial Building Contents in East Brunswick

2/3/2022 (Permalink)

inside SERVRO storage facility; restoration equipment stacked on shelves Take a peek in side our warehouse. This is just some of the equipment at our disposal for your emergency restoration needs.

SERVPRO Handles Fire Damage and Pack-Outs for East Brunswick Businesses

Fire restoration always involves the clean-up of charred debris and handling moisture left after the blaze gets extinguished. However, many calls also include the need for pack-out/move-out services to clean or store items off-site. When your East Brunswick business has a fire, SERVPRO handles every detail with precision so that you get the best results in a fraction of the time that DIY could achieve. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, and you can trust your content cleaning to us!

When handling fire damage in East Brunswick, we will assess every area of your commercial property to determine what needs to get packed up and moved out. Your furnishings, office equipment, inventory, and other items may get packed up and moved to our warehouse for the cleaning and restoration phase. Our contents management process is like a well-oiled machine to handle large volumes of items and track their whereabouts every step of the way.

Some of the measures we take when handling fire-related pack-outs include:

  • Assessment, recording, and packing items for transport
  • Receipt of items at an initial staging area to begin tracking the location of all contents
  • Follow the movement of contents from staging to the cleaning areas
  • Coordination of cleaning and deodorization, assessing damage to identify what is salvageable
  • Repacking and re-inventorying contents, then placing cleaned contents in the storage/staging area
  • Contents inspection and reintegration to your commercial space

Deodorization is Key

Some fire event contents require deodorization after cleaning, especially for buildings with heavy soot. One effective way to address these smoke-damaged contents is with Ozone. Items can get moved into the ozone room once cleaned; however, this process can disintegrate rubber/elastics and bleach wet upholstery. Therefore, proper precautions get taken for the items and our team.

Fire damage does not have to leave a smelly, lingering reminder in your business. Call us at SERVPRO of East Brunswick/Princeton Meadows for your commercial fire clean-up needs at (732) 432-9800.

Removing Smoke Odors After a Fire in an East Brunswick Restaurant

1/7/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle You want help from the professionals after a fire in your home or business.

Neutralizing Harsh Odors is Essential to Keep an East Brunswick Restaurant Going After a Fire. 

Many obstacles prevent safe and sanitary dining conditions for customers after a fire. Our professionals work to get threats like malodors neutralized to decrease the time your doors stay closed after a disaster. We mobilize fast with mitigative solutions for these pressing issues. 

Containing the Smoke Malodors

Containment is the first step SERVPRO professionals take in managing malodors, and other fire damage East Brunswick restaurants face after disasters. Physical barriers prevent the movement of odor compounds for easier neutralization and management. 

Cleaning Air Ducts and the HVAC System

Another method of managing foul odors a kitchen fire can leave behind is directly influencing the output of the HVAC system. Soot and smoke particles can travel through this network of ducts and continue to promote harsh odors when the system circulates air. We have experience with air duct cleaning and can schedule that service around off times for the business. 

Odor Neutralization Solutions from our Inventory 

Before our professionals can successfully remove a harsh malodor from your restaurant, some work must be done to lessen the severity of this effect. This process can include several types of counteractant products and processes before deodorization, like:

  • Absorbent beads
  • Odor trapping granules
  • Surface cleaning products
  • Debris removal

After reducing the severity of these effects, we can focus on the equipment necessary to remove these odors entirely where possible. Restoring the restaurant's comfortable working and dining conditions relies on effective deodorization tools like hydroxyl machines and ozone generators.

Multiple obstacles are standing between a damaged business and preloss conditions, but our SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows team can help. With one of the largest obstacles being odor removal, we arrive with many helpful deodorization techniques. Call today at (732) 641-4023.

How Can Damp Areas of an East Brunswick Office Impede Production?

10/28/2021 (Permalink)

mold spore Mold remediation for your commercial building should be handled by SERVPRO. We have the manpower and equipment for every size of disaster.

There are Several Ways That Water Damage in East Brunswick Businesses can Affect the Workplace. 

Water damages can happen in hundreds of ways, and if left to the custodial staff of the building exclusively, might not be resolved as completely as it should be. Depending on the severity of the situation, lingering water damage effects can significantly impact the productivity of the workplace.

Damage to the Equipment and Contents

When you experience water damage in East Brunswick office buildings, you first consider the investments made in office furniture, building materials, and electronics like computers and servers. Relocation of loose contents and items protects them from getting ruined.

Limited Work Areas for Employees 

When damaged areas get discovered, you will want to redirect employees out of this space to ensure that drying efforts can begin. Depending on the size of this affected region of the building, many of these office workers can be displaced and crowd other areas. A sense of urgency to full water damage restoration can return these areas to their original conditions.

Threats of Secondary Damage Effects 

Yet another way that unresolved or poorly managed water damage can impact an office space is through the development of mold and microbial threats. The formation of colonies can cause health effects for those exposed and allows for hosting materials to degrade. Moist environments left undried can create many hazards like:

  • Mold damage
  • Mildew
  • Structural deterioration
  • Content damages

Water damage can be a threatening situation for offices and commercial properties in the area. Understanding how these emergencies affect production shows the value of pursuing experienced restoration professionals like our SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows team. We have effective mitigation to begin as soon as you call (732) 641-6954.

What Needs Cleaning in an East Brunswick Hotel After a Fire?

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team ready for action Fire, smoke and soot damage restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. Call now for fast and immediate services for your commercial property.

Several Individual Items in East Brunswick Accommodations Need Cleaning After a Fire. 

Despite the fast actions of fire suppression systems, structure fires can be devastating to your hotel business. Getting experienced professionals on-site to help quickly is vital, as these technicians can start efforts like debris removal to aid the whole property. This action looks to remove several threats, including:

Wall and Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Fire damage in East Brunswick hotels often targets the largest available surfaces, including the walls and the carpeted floors. With multiple types of smoke damage possible, the choice in the ideal removal tactic and cleaning option vary. Clearing thick residues often require a combination of equipment and products, ranging from media blasting to controlled demolition.

Contents and Artwork Cleaning Options 

Cleaning up belongings, artwork, and decor is one of the focuses of our responding technicians. Circulating soot can leave affected contents blackened and stained. We have efficient abrasive and agitative cleaning practices with potent cleansers to loosen and lift set-in soot soils.

Businesses like hotels and other accommodations require swift and deliberate actions after a fire. With the number of guests that can be impacted or even displaced by these disasters, we have a team of restoration professionals ready 24/7. Give our SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows team a call today at (732) 641-4023.

What Is the Function of a Mold Inspection for an East Brunswick Warehouse?

7/9/2021 (Permalink)

Mold on wall If mold is left unchecked, it can spread very quickly. Contact our IICRC certified mold damage remediation team for an assessment today.

Understanding the Damage can Provide Efficient Remediation Solutions for East Brunswick Businesses.

Many commercial structures in the area contend with higher moisture concerns and humidity with the Raritan River and proximity to Sandy Hook Bay. When mold becomes a threat to your business, our SERVPRO team can help.

What Does a Mold Inspection Look Hope to Find? 

We are a trusted name for fast and reliable remediation solutions because of how substantial mold damage in East Brunswick warehouses and manufacturing facilities can become. Our SERVPRO team begins this process with an accurate inspection and damage assessment of the property to identify the pressing concerns for the building and where mitigation and emergency services can have the greatest impacts.  

How Can Remediation Change on Collected Data? 

Multiple factors determine what remediation and mold removal strategies suit the situation best. A mold inspection of the grounds collects data, including where active colonization exists and the type of mold present on the property. With this information, an appropriate remediation strategy can get planned and executed.

Is Content Relocation Necessary? 

Removing damaged contents from the warehouse can protect these items from irreparable harm. Our cleaning technicians and professionals provide appropriate care until remediation inside the damaged property completes. This includes:

  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Deodorization

Mold is an overwhelming presence in commercial properties, but our SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows team is ready to help 24/7 at (732) 432-9800.

Smoke and Soot Particles in Your Plainsboro Commercial Building

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

smoke from a fire Smoke and soot particles are no easy task to handle from a fire. SERVPRO has all the manpower and training for any size fire disaster.

Have Confidence in SERVPRO as We Restore Your Fire-Damaged Plainsboro Property 

When your restaurant or any business needs Plainsboro fire restoration services, you need to act quickly and contact a reliable company like SERVPRO. Even when the fire happens in the kitchen, never assume that only the kitchen needs to be restored. Smoke and soot particles can move to the dining area and cause considerable damage as they settle on the walls, carpets, upholstered booths, and other items. Upholstery materials and wood are porous, and within minutes smoke particles can start embedding.

How Does SERVPRO Clean Smoke and Fire Damaged Items in Plainsboro?

Before our SERVPRO technicians start to perform smoke and fire cleanup procedures in your Plainsboro business, we must prepare the site appropriately. For instance, we determine what is salvageable and discard items that are not salvageable. If the kitchen area is still wet, we can set up dehumidifiers and fans to accelerate the drying process. We can also use the following actions during cleaning:

  • Through mechanical action, we can wipe stainless steel kitchen stuff 
  • We can use heavy-duty vacuums to remove soot from the upholstered furniture
  • We can do ozone treatment to break up smoke molecules and eliminate unpleasant odors

At SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, whether residential or commercial. Call (732) 307-9665 for a free quote and work with a reliable restoration firm. 

Is it Possible to Mitigate Fire Damaged Businesses in East Brunswick?

3/16/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee in PPE, soda blasting a soot covered ceiling Fire damage to your business is not an easy task to handle. Call SERVPRO and let the IICRC certified techs do the dirty work for you.

SERVPRO is a Qualified Fire Remediation and Restoration Service for East Brunswick

East Brunswick is a collection of residential neighborhoods that make up a township in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Despite being outside of New York State jurisdiction, the town is considered a part of New York City's metropolitan area. Excellent transport services and infrastructure into New York have grown Brunswick as a popular bedroom community away from the busier suburbs. There are currently 43,538 residents living in East Brunswick, making it one of the larger villages in New Jersey. The history of this township in New Jersey dates back to 1677, when the first physical legislature regarding the land is dated. 

The Raritan River area was initially Lenape Indian land until purchased by New York baker Thomas Lawrence. On the southernmost tip of this land grew a small community of settlers. By the nineteenth century, the settlements essentially cropped up around the Old Bridge neighborhood, still in existence today. Residents would have to wait for a near half-century before receiving official incorporation as a town in 1860. The modern suburban community here is represented by its excellent local theater, nearby tower complexes, and accommodation at the New Jersey Turnpike. There are several fairs and festivals that celebrate the town's rural roots occurring throughout the year. 

  • East Brunswick plays host to the Middlesex County Fair on Cranbury Road each year. The annual event is a favorite in the local community and runs with a mission to celebrate, educate and advance traditional agriculture in the region. Typical attractions include its rotating mix of food trucks and fairground rides.
  • Also on Cranberry Road is Playhouse 22. The contemporary theater plays seasonal productions throughout the year and supports New Jersey's upcoming actors, playwrights, and directors. The playhouse also doubles up as a concert venue for popular music. 
  • Crystal Springs Family Water Park on Durham's Corner is reasonably large with regular swimming pools, water slides, kids pools, and a lazy river. The waterpark is well-known for its excellent service, lifeguards, and peaceful atmosphere. Resident discounts apply with up to 40% off. 

SERVPRO is an Experienced Fire Mitigation Service that Can Reduce Damages in your Business

A property fire at your East Brunswick business can slow productivity, reduce revenue and cause stress to the workforce. Our technicians have extensive experience in managing the process of damaged property and returning it to its preloss condition. Access to leading industrial equipment like exterior fired furnaces and direct expansion units allows us to perform a quick restoration, even in larger commercial spaces. Contact us twenty-four-hours a day on our emergency phone line. 

  • SERVPRO can fit emergency ducting over the affected area and control indoor temperature, humidity and apply negative air pressure.
  • Our experts can assess the damages inside industrial heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC.)
  • Using proven cleaning methods, we can remove most smoke residue, soot, ash, and odor from your premises. 

Limit loss and business interruption. Contact SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows at (732) 432-9800.

Does Your East Brunswick Business Need Fire Damage Help?

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician at work. Fire damage to your business is not a good thing for profits or customers. SERVPRO technicians will have you up and running A.S.A.P.

SERVPRO is here to help businesses deal with fire damage

East Brunswick is a large township in New Jersey, with a population of 47,512. The town is close to the Raritan River, which offers lovely views and walks, yet conveniently located for New Brunswick and New York City.

The local government formed East Brunswick from different townships, including North Brunswick, Monroe, and Old Bridge. East Brunswick started life as a farming community. In the 1930s, better road access attracted suburban settlers. The town grew rapidly and is now a popular commuter town for New Brunswick and New York. It is also the birthplace of several eminent people, including:

  • Jessie Eisenberg, the actor who played Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network
  • The nineteenth-century children's author Henrietta Christian Wright
  • Jim Vallely, who is an Arrested Development writer and Emmy award winner
  • NFL Super Bowl-winning punter Josh Miller.
  • Three-time Olympic Women's Soccer Gold Medalist, Heather O'Reilly

Attractions for kids of all ages

East Brunswick is also a fantastic place to come for a family vacation. It is close enough to New York to enjoy all the Big Apple has to offer but without the constant stress or the high price of Manhattan vacation rentals! East Brunswick and the surrounding areas provide a wealth of family attractions. You might like to check out:

  • Six Flags Great Adventure offers all the thrills and spills you could wish for! In addition to thrilling rides, you can experience a 350-acre safari adventure, complete with the chance to see kangaroos, lions, bears, and tigers. The Wild Walkway show lets you get up close and personal with some of the more exotic animals. There are also plenty of rides for little kids who are not ready for the bigger coasters.
  • The Jumping Jungle has an outstanding claim to fame – it was voted the best place to hold a children's birthday party for five years in a row. Kids will love the 10,000 square feet of inflatable play, bouncing, laser tag, and more. There is even a hurricane simulator for the brave-hearted visitor.
  • Kidz Village is a play and activity center designed to spark children's' imaginations. Besides soft play and inflatables, kids can visit tons of themed rooms and let their imaginations run wild. Themed rooms include a movie theater, grocery store, castle, beauty shop, tool shop, and more.

If you need some fresh air after all that time indoors, East Brunswick will not disappoint you. The township boasts many beautiful parks, with recreation and family facilities. 

How can you keep your business safe from fire damage?

With so many family attractions in the area, good fire safety is vital. Our customers often ask us if there is anything they can do to prevent fire. The answer is yes; there are several things you can do:

  • Carry out a fire risk assessment to look for potential danger spots.
  • Ensure staff receives adequate fire training.
  • Install a good sprinkler and fire alarm system.
  • Test sprinklers and fire alarms regularly to keep them in good working order.

It is also a good idea to set up your free SERVPRO Emergency READY Plan (ERP.) Your ERP lists the chain of command and what to do in an emergency, making it easier for staff to act in the event of a fire.

If you need help with fire damage in your business, call SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows at (732) 432-9800.

Come Out and Have Fun with Your New Favorite Game in East Brunswick

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

Part of East Brunswick cultural arts center sign Enjoy the East Brunswick Cornhole Tournament while SERVPRO remediates the mold in your home

The Indoor Cornhole League of East Brunswick Invites You to Participate

Come out to the East Brunswick Cultural Arts Center and join up with a fun public event to play the first Cornhole Doubles' League hosted by East Brunswick Recreation. Participants over the age of 18 may register online or sign up in person on the day of the event. A maximum of eight teams per game day play. Games get played indoors at the Community Arts Center, and participants are asked to observe all current health protocols, including wearing a mask and social distancing when appropriate.

  • League time: Sunday, December 6th,2020 at 10 AM EST – 12 PM EST
  • Sign up as a team or individual
  • Teams will play best 2 out of 3 set matches.
  • Ticket Price: $45 Resident and $65 Nonresident

SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows at (732) 432-9800 performs commercial mold remediation in East Brunswick properties. Through the use of advanced equipment and proprietary cleaning agents, the techs can stop mold infestations.

Are Landlords Responsible for Mold Issues in a East Brunswick Property?

9/1/2020 (Permalink)

mold on the wall If your tenants report microbial growth issues, respond quickly to limit losses.

Landlords are Responsible for Structural Mold Issues in their Properties. SERVPRO is a Commercial Mold Damage Remediator in East Brunswick that Specializes in Leased Properties.

What should I do if a tenant reports a mold issue?

It is not uncommon for microbial growth issues to occur in East Brunswick properties. If a tenant reports mold issues in a property they are renting, there may be a liability on the landlord to remedy them. In older buildings, mold issues can frequently occur due to deteriorating insulation, draughts, or other structural problems. Sometimes a mold issue that appears on walls is emblematic of a much deeper concern, which should be investigated immediately. SERVPRO technicians can help landlords overcome these issues by performing responsible assessments and cleaning up mold in leased properties.

Why does mold only appear at certain times of the year?

You may find that reports of mold damage in your East Brunswick tenements only occurs during certain times of the year. Mold requires a specific set of conditions to thrive. These conditions include temperature, food supply, as well as water. Seasonal conditions can result in the ideal conditions for mold growth, especially if there are structural deficiencies in the building, such as cavities for rainwater to enter. SERVPRO technicians work hard to repair the source of mold growth, as well as the outcomes. By doing so, we can help to reduce the likelihood of recurring issues in your tenement buildings.

Critical steps for preventing mold growth in your business?

- Annual maintenance of the property and inspection of potential growth areas like damp spots
- Controlling humidity in the park and ensuring it remains below 60 grains (of moisture) per pound (GPP)
- Speedy intervention once microbial issues are suspected

If your tenants report microbial growth issues, respond quickly to limit losses. Contact SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows at (732) 432-9800.

How Do Professional Fire Damage Restorers Clean Different Kinds of Fire Residues and Deal with Charring in Plainsboro?

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

Texture of fire on a black background Advanced training in the characteristics of soots and the science behind their efficient removal set SERVPRO apart from ordinary cleaning teams.

One Size Does Not Fit All Circumstances for Fire Damage Cleanup in Plainsboro -- Let the Experts at SERVPRO Assess the Damage and Residues and Match Them to the Most Effective and Best Practices Solutions

If a Plainsboro business owner has not faced a household fire's aftermath, the challenges of cleaning away the smoke, soot, and charring can be daunting. Even if you pride yourself on keeping an immaculate business and you and your cleaning crew are willing to take on do-it-yourself projects, fire damage residues are notoriously tricky to loosen and remove. Following conventional cleaning procedures often makes things worse, which adds considerable stress to your management of an already trying situation.

What Can a Restoration Company Do About Charring?

Depending on how intense the flames and heat became during the fire, damage in your Plainsboro commercial building can include visible charring. Professional handling from a full-spectrum restoration company changes the lens through which loss is viewed. Although your first impulse might be to arrange for the tear-out and replacement of the building materials that seem badly burned, a professional restorer's assessment can reveal a different, less expensive, and disruptive path. Examples of what the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained technicians on our work crews substitute for demo include:

Cleaning with products and tools matched to the type of residue (if we clear away the soot, the damage can be more accurately assessed and might need only minor touches to return to preloss condition)

Testing of the durability of the surface for more aggressive cleaning -- if it "passes," we consider:
    •    Scraping off charred materials
    •    Brushing off charred materials
    •    Sanding off charred materials
    •    Using proprietary cleaning creams with integrated abrasives or "grit" that removes the layers of burned materials

What If Building Materials Are Too Charred for Restoration?

SERVPRO's general contractor's license offers options a mere cleaning operation would not have available. If the flames and heat cause damage so severe that the structures involved are weakened, it might not be safe to insist on a restoration-only approach. Our construction crews can help with the assessment of the damage and provide consultation on the more efficacious ways to proceed. A partial or total rebuilding of the affected structural components can be made a phase of the overall fire damage recovery agenda.

What Are Best Practices for Cleaning of the Remaining Soiled Surfaces?

The project manager reviews the characteristics of the residues on surfaces throughout the entire commercial space. It is essential not to miss inspecting an area of the property even if it is far from the original fire because the smoke and soot drift on air currents and through the HVAC system to invade all spaces.

Dry Soot

Generated when wood and paper burn hot, the residues are ashy and adhere lightly to surfaces. Cleaning methods include dry sponging, feather dusting, vacuuming with HEPA-filtered equipment, use of compressed air, and avoidance of wet cleaning solutions or cleaning tools to minimize smearing.

Wet Soot

When plastics, damp textiles, rubber, and other materials like electrical cords and wiring burn slowly or smolder, a thick, sticky soot deposits. Our team tests cleaners and then settles on the ones that help break the bond between the surfaces and the soot. Water-based soiling is matched with water-based cleaners; oil-based soiling is matched with oil-based cleaners or detergents that bridge the gap.

Protein-Based Soot

Kitchen fires produce a unique type of residue that adheres tenaciously, smells horrible, and is challenging to remove. The residue is actually the dehydrated remains of foods, grease, and oils. To eradicate it from surfaces, we consider the use of solvents and abrasive tools and agents. The malodors might require the use of advanced technologies that attack the smells on a molecular level, pairing with the odor-bearing particles or chemically altering them to neutralize the odor. These technologies include:

    •    Thermal fogging -- recreating the conditions of the fire, and combusting deodorants to pair with the odiferous bits
    •    Hydroxyl generation -- producing hydroxyls with UV rays that seek out the residues and alter their chemical composition
    •    Ozone machines -- using the process of oxidation to remove smells
    •    Enzymatic cleaners -- digesting the offending residues

Advanced training in the characteristics of soots and the science behind their efficient removal set SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows apart from ordinary cleaning teams. Call us at  (732) 432-9800 to set up an assessment at your business property and get the project going.

How Fast Can Fire Cleaning Start in My East Brunswick Office?

5/21/2020 (Permalink)

kitchen fire damage Don't let the restoration process be ignored. Call SERVPRO in your East Bruswick area for help.

Cleaning and restoration should happen as soon as possible after a fire, and our experienced emergency responders can help. 

Between reaching out to your insurance provider or reaching other supervisors that might also have a stake in the restoration of your East Brunswick office building, it is not difficult to allow fire-damaged structures to sit longer than they should. If possible, cleaning and recovery should get started right away. 

The spread of fire damage in East Brunswick office buildings is immense, moving far beyond the ignition point to open areas of the facility with foul odors, soot, ash, and other potential contaminants and hazards. With a fast and reliable response amid emergencies, our SERVPRO team can begin restoration as soon as we reach the building. 

How Can Fire Debris Cleanup Benefit Your Business? 

Fire debris removal is one of the emergency services that our professionals can offer. It involves shoveling and vacuuming out piles of loose sediment, charred remnants of building materials, ash, and other particulates. The benefits of debris removal are:

  • Reducing harsh odors
  • Reducing soot concentrations
  • Exposing structural weaknesses

Fire losses in your office building can affect everything from desk and furniture to your documents and structural elements. Give our SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows team a call to help at (732) 432-9800.

Will My East Brunswick Business Ever Be Free of Fire Smoke Odor?

4/1/2020 (Permalink)

building damaged by fire Call us at (732) 432-9800, and we can send a team out for emergency assessment.

SERVPRO Addresses Commercial Fire Damage and Smoke Odors in East Brunswick with Specialized Techniques

Any structure fire may start small before turning into a significant catastrophe within a matter of minutes. The longer a fire burns, the more destruction left behind from the flames and the further soot and smoke residue travels. It is best to start the cleanup as quickly as possible so that you can limit the amount of damage that takes hold. The last thing any business needs is pungent odors lingering around as a reminder of the fire.

Why Call the Experts to Address Fire Damage and Odor Cleanup?
The skilled technicians at SERVPRO have training via the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We arrive promptly and begin the assessment of your commercial fire damage in East Brunswick once your structure is deemed safe to enter. To make sure your property is cleaned up and free of sticky soot and smoke residue, our team:

    •    Removes all sources of odor and debris, which includes any charred materials and unsalvageable contents.
    •    Cleans all of the surfaces that are covered with small, odor-causing particles. We take the time to check every room in your commercial space to see how far all of the odors may have penetrated.
    •    Recreates the conditions that lead to odor penetration by distributing deodorizers in the same manner that soot and smoke penetrated each surface.
    •    Sealing any surfaces that may have been exposed to malodors. This is not always called for, but painting walls, and sealing off duct surfaces are two methods of inhibiting odors throughout the building.

Should your building have charred wooden studs, SERVPRO technicians can remove the charred portion with steel scrubbing brushes or soda blasting or dry ice blasting. The materials can then be sealed or refinished by our team.

No matter what level of fire commercial fire damage took place within your building, you can always count on our team at SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows. Call us at (732) 432-9800, and we can send a team out for emergency assessment.

For more about East Brunswick click here.

Flooding in East Brunswick? Business Owners Love SERVPRO--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

2/27/2020 (Permalink)

Technician using forklift in warehouse SERVPRO Can Clean, Dry and Store East Brunswick Business Owners Valuable Inventory during a Storm Loss Mitigation

Fast Cleanup for Commercial Flood Damage in East Brunswick

There are two main thoughts of any East Brunswick business owner when faced with commercial flood damage in their property. The first is limiting the amount of time the company needs to remain closed for mitigation, and the second is to restrict the loss to the structure and contents as replacing building materials, business equipment, and stock items become an expensive proposition.

After heavy storms rolled through the East Brunswick area, a local real estate office received commercial flood damage. Groundwater entered through a loose seal around the front entry door affecting the front reception area.

Advanced Scoping Equipment
There is no way to know exactly where the water migrated within the water loss area without using moisture detection devices. SERVPRO technicians use a wide array for use with different surfaces. Fortunately, cleanup efforts began quickly before any water wicked into the sheetrock, saving the office from needing any controlled demolition.  

Organized Removal of Items
The technicians carefully remove items from the water loss area and catalog the locations so, after mitigation efforts complete, each piece gets returned to its original place. Contents such as the rubber-backed industrial floor coverings had the potential for reuse after drying and sanitizing.

Equipment Makes the Difference
The extraction and drying equipment used by SERVPRO makes the difference in the outcome after a water loss. While the regular janitorial service might rely on a wet/dry vac for water cleanup, the techs have access to a diverse selection of equipment. One of the most frequently used is the centrifugal pump, which works to pull embedded moisture up. This action lessens the time needed for drying, allowing the office to reopen more quickly.

Stress-Free Reconstruction
Once the water loss restoration services complete, SERVPRO has a general contractor license #13VH06622700 and can offer the business any repairs or rebuild necessary to restore the front area entirely and get the doors reopened more quickly without spending time finding, vetting, and waiting on an outside company.

When commercial flood damage hits your property, call SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows at (732) 432-9800. The certified technicians work hard to restore your building to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO's ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan Can Prevent and Mitigate Water Damage to Your East Brunswick Business

2/5/2020 (Permalink)

image of ERP mobile app on a tablet Commercial Properties Limit Lost Revenue and Customer Good Will When SERVPRO's ERP Plan Mitigates Water Damage

Commercial Water Damage Solutions in East Brunswick--The ERP Plan

When your East Brunswick business suffers a water loss, the impact is far-reaching. You are stressed, your employees fear the loss of their next paycheck and customers might feel they need to find a new source of the products and services you offer. Also, the structure, systems, and contents of your commercial building are all at risk of permanent damage or ruin.

You Are a Valued Community Resource
You need a restoration company to count on as you face water damage to your East Brunswick business. Our team is rooted in this community; we live, send our kids to school, shop, volunteer, and enjoy all our area has to offer. When one of our neighbors and members of the business network experiences a disaster, we take it personally, prepared to do what it takes to get your operations back up and running.

We Offer Full-Spectrum Scalable Assistance
Every commercial water loss features different challenges, but we are ready for anything. SERVPRO’s team of managers and technicians is experienced and highly-qualified, trained in a range of water mediation and remediation specialties through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC.) We arrive ready to administer emergency services to halt the damage as our seasoned project managers assess the extent of your damage. Our signature green service vehicles accompany our workforce, stocked with a wide variety of pumps, extractors, squeegees, and moisture detection equipment to find and start removing the water. Top of the line drying equipment waits in the wings, anticipating use by our Applied Structural Drying (ASD) technicians. If rebuilding or repairs are needed after remediation, our contracting division is there for you, Contractor Licenses:
General: 13VH06622700.

Proactive Possibilities
Consider getting ahead of water or other disasters by consulting with SERVPRO about an Emergency READY Plan and Profile (ERP.) Long before any issues, we can evaluate your space, discuss your operations and systems, and list your priorities in the event of a disaster at no cost to you. Our managers suggest adaptations regarding storage, equipment placement, and a host of other elements individual to your business to minimize the impact on your enterprise and the community if an emergency occurs.

Partner with SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows as a valued member of our business community, and never look back as we handle your water damage or other issues expertly. Call (732) 432-9800 right now with your concerns--we answer 24/7.

Residential and Commercial Reconstruction Service

5/1/2017 (Permalink)

Finally, a one stop source for your fire and water damage cleanup and restoration needs. SERVPRO of East Brunswick/Princeton Meadows proudly announces the addition of our residential/ commercial Reconstruction Department. Our customers have been asking us to do the reconstruction and we listened. This new service will include the following key features:

  • Drywall Removal and Installation
  • Painting
  • Hardwood Floor Repair or Replace
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Carpet Repair and Installation
  • see more

Now we can provide all phases of residential and commercial cleaning, restoration and reconstruction services. Our many years of experience in water and fire damage restoration, combined with our dedication to a one stop restoration and rebuild service makes SERVPRO of East Brunswick your complete choice for dealing with any water, fire or mold situations.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in North Brunswick, NJ

3/27/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of East Brunswick is onsite immediately to minimize water damage and get you back to business within days not weeks.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup, North Brunswick

When it comes to water damage, time is of the essence to avoid further damage, including mold issues.  When water damage affects your business, it's imperative that the cleanup be done immediately to get you back to business without too much costly interruption.

SERVPRO Franchise Professionals are available 24 hours a day to get your business back up and running. Our expertise includes restoration services for fire and water damage, including electronics restoration and document drying. We are also your business’s best resource for mold mitigation.  Find out more about our commercial restoration specialists and leave the cleanup to our professionals to get you back to business. Read more...

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SERVPRO Provides Commercial Restoration in Princeton, New Jersey

3/27/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

SERVPRO Franchise Professionals are available 24 hours a day to get your business back up and running. Our expertise includes restoration services for fire and water damage, including electronics restoration and document drying. We are also your business’s best resource for mold mitigation.

After a fire, the first 48 hours is crucial in determining whether you are restoring or replacing your belongings.  Whether it's 1000 sq. ft. or 100,000 sq. ft., it's crucial that your local SERVPRO professionals mitigate immediately to prevent further damage to your property.

SERVPRO of East Brunswick/Princeton Meadows professionals are committed to getting you back to business as quickly as possible.  Returning to normal is our primary concern. 

Find out more about our commercial restoration specialists. Call us at 732-432-9800 and leave the rest to us.