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What is Effective Against Standing Water from East Brunswick Flood Damage?

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

standing water in home SERVPRO techs are IICRC certified and trained. Any size storm disaster we will handle. Call now!

East Brunswick SERVPRO Extraction Tools Mitigate Flood Damage and Safely Eliminate Standing Water

While many flood damage scenarios do not leave behind standing water, some do. The presence of standing water can render an East Brunswick residence less safe to travel through to collect essential belongings or turn off utilities in the event of a disaster.

SERVPRO’s rapid-response flood damage crew in East Brunswick is trained to handle standing black water, debris, and structural damages related to floods. This process adheres to Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) best practices and keeps homeowners safe and away from contaminants in the event of a flood.

Floodwater Extraction Tools Operated by SERVPRO Professionals

Standing water extraction tools vary based on the depth and volume of present floodwaters. While wet vacuums, mops, and portable extractors are typically sufficient for moisture exposure, more heavy-duty water removal equipment can include:

  • Truck-mounted extractors feature heating, pumping, and vacuuming systems, much like a portable unit. However, these units are attached to a truck with a tank that is at least 60 gallons for storing and removing water safely. These extractors have their own power sources and are more powerful than their portable counterparts
  • Submersible sump pumps, which are typically gas-powered and ideal for spaces with over two inches of standing water without solid debris present

However, extraction is just one of many steps that trained restoration professionals can take toward restoring a flood-damaged property. Debris removal, odor control, and sanitation with EPA-registered biocides are among the many essential tasks SERVPRO performs to restore homes to a pre-disaster state.

We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster 24/7. Call SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows at (732) 432-9800 to receive emergency-response service.

How Can Plainsboro Homeowners Eliminate Fire Damage Odors Safely?

9/29/2021 (Permalink)

fire and smoke damaged home Kitchen fire restoration is a job for SERVPRO. We will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call.

SERVPRO Odor Control Technicians Mitigate Plainsboro Fire Damage Malodors

Cooking fires in kitchens account for a staggering number of home structure fires in the United States each year, including most unreported fire damage cases. However, these damages, whether they come from a microwave mishap, an electrical fire, or a stovetop flare-up, can impart unpleasant odors that are difficult to remove from a Plainsboro home without professional-grade tools and knowledge.

SERVPRO odor control tools are designed to control Plainsboro kitchen fire damage odors and return the affected property to a clean, pre-disaster condition free from stains and odors. This firm’s suite of odor control tools is available for cleanup 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SERVPRO Odor Control Tools for Fire Damage

Malodor removal tools have a broad array of properties so that SERVPRO technicians can tailor solutions to the situation at hand.

  • Odor-neutralizing counteractants, which chemically bind with odor-causing particles. Rather than masking smells or weighing down particles for easy removal, counteractant solutions alter or destroy bacteria and soils at the particle level. Thermal fogging, which is a common, solvent-based fire damage odor removal method used by SERVPRO, relies on this principle
  • Filtration agents for odor control rely on one of two methods for their effectiveness: absorption and adsorption
  • Absorption collects moisture into itself, which can capture many different types of odor-causing particles. Baking soda operates on the principle of absorption for odor control
  • Adsorption collects and holds gaseous particles on its surface, which prevents them from traveling through the air. Activated charcoal filters are a common example of adsorption that loses its effectiveness when the filter is full

Homeowners seeking out “Like it never even happened,” service can call SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows at (732) 432-9800.

What Equipment is Needed for East Brunswick Mold Damage Remediation?

9/20/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage Mold damage remediation is no DIY project. SERVPRO technicians are trained and experienced in all phases of mold damage.

East Brunswick SERVPRO Utilizes PPE, Biocides, and Commercial-Grade Mold Damage Cleanup Tools

Mold damage impacts East Brunswick residences in a plethora of ways. The moisture exposure that exacerbates mold growth can eat away at sheetrock, cellulose or cotton insulation, or wall studs. Worse still, if left untreated, mold has the potential to cause health effects for home occupants.

SERVPRO professionals respond to East Brunswick mold damage remediation calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This fast-acting service can start inspecting microbial growth on a property in as little as several hours after initial contact to formulate a mitigation plan that adheres to restoration industry best practices and homeowners’ insurance policies.

SERVPRO Equipment is Essential for Effective Mold Remediation

SERVPRO’s access to sophisticated inspection and mitigation technologies, proprietary mold cleanup solutions, and highly-trained technicians are all crucial ingredients in this team’s recipe for success. We’re HERE TO HELP.

Bathroom mold remediation, for example, might entail the use of the following for removal:

  • Penetrating and non-penetrating moisture sensors and meters calibrated for inspecting drywall and wall studs, as well as thermal imaging cameras to detect temperature changes consistent with water exposure that exacerbates mold growth
  • HEPA-filter air scrubbers and vacuums that can catch microbes as small as 0.03 microns, ensuring thorough remediation of microbes and other soils that can impact indoor air quality
  • Water extraction tools and structural drying equipment, such as axial air movers and low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers, remove humid conditions that accelerate mold proliferation

SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows can demonstrate the qualities that ensure that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster when homeowners call (732) 432-9800.

How Do Professionals Clean Appliances After Plainsboro Fire Damage?

9/6/2021 (Permalink)

Fireman in kitchen fire When a kitchen fire strikes have no worries. SERVPRO will handle all the fire damage restoration from start to finish. Call now for the help you need.

SERVPRO technicians using proprietary cleaners and careful techniques remove even protein-based residues after a kitchen fire in Plainsboro

The residues remaining after fire damage in your Plainsboro kitchen are incredibly tricky to remove. Protein-based soot is a tremendously adhesive substance consisting of dehydrated oils, fats, and other foodstuffs. It is transparent and highly malodorous because of the rancid fats. It is tough to get past the memory of your kitchen fire without deep cleaning your appliances, so professionals like SERVPRO work hard to find a solution.

Can Homeowners Successfully Clean Up Kitchen Fire Damaged Surfaces?

Many of the materials used to craft today’s appliances are durable, impervious to damage from most water-based detergents cleaners. Unfortunately, the protein-based soot does not readily dissolve or dislodge water-based products, complicating the cleaning routine. 

How Do SERVPRO Technicians Overcome the Challenge of Water-Resistant Kitchen Fire Soot?

An option to strip protein-based residues from appliances is to increase the pH of the cleaning solution. A more alkaline product can help break the bond between the residue and the appliance. Care must be taken to avoid skin or eye contact during the process. It is also possible to harm surrounding surfaces:

  • The technician cleaning must wear gloves and goggles.
  • Be discrete when spraying the solution to minimize spread to porous or delicate surfaces.
  • Some appliance finishes (aluminum and chrome) can be pit if the cleaner exceeds the appropriate dwell time.
  • Shiny or polished surfaces can scratch when using abrasives.
  • Brief use of wood cream paste (used for wood refinishing) is an alternative to other abrasives, reducing yellowing caused by heat.
  • Rinsing the cleaning products and polishing them with lint-free towels is the final step.

Trust the experts at SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows when your gourmet kitchen appliances need careful yet persistent cleaning to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Call (732) 307-9665 to learn how we can return your damaged kitchen to the heart of your house.

Should Homeowners Consider a Contents Pack Out After East Brunswick Flood Damage?

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

Rain pouring on a man in the kitchen in from hole in roof Storm and flood damage remediation services by SERVPRO are top-notch. Call now for fast and immediate service.

The SERVPRO Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) keeps items organized while sorting out flooding restoration in East Brunswick.

Whether you contend with the tail end of a hurricane, tropical storm, or other extreme weather, flood damage in East Brunswick can completely disrupt your life. One of the ways to get things back on track might be to arrange a pack-out of furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions.

How Does a Pack-Out Assist with an East Brunswick Flood Damage Restoration?

When the SERVPRO crews arrive to assess the damage from flooding, a suggestion to consider a pack-out might not be far behind. Although moving out the contents of your home can feel chaotic, it acts to speed the restoration process by clearing out the spaces and making it easier to complete or manage:

Our crews can concentrate on water removal services, cleaning, and disinfection rather than stopping to move items or trying to work around them. Once structural drying commences, the lack of wet contents reduces the humidity in your home, allowing evaporation to complete more efficiently.

How Does the SERVPRO Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) Work?

SERVPRO crews do the heavy lifting, literally wrapping bulky items and packing others' inboxes. Articles are tracked using lists, barcoding, and digital photography. We work closely with your insurer as we evaluate the items and decide what can survive the flood damage after restoration and what needs disposal and replacement. Careful documentation permits us to support your claims, reducing out-of-pocket costs. Once our on-site technicians complete flood damage restoration at your home, the contents will be ready to return to make your house a home again.

Your confidence in the expertise and systems of SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows is well placed during storm-related flooding. Call us at (732) 307-9665 to see if a pack out will help with contents and home restoration.

How Can Homeowners Get to the Bottom of Mysterious East Brunswick Water Damage?

8/16/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work. Floor damage from leaking pipes is no DIY project. SERVPRO uses the latest technology and equipment for all water damage restoration services.

Integrity and commitment to excellent customer service are why SERVPRO will not rest until we find the cause of East Brunswick water seepage.

Not all water damage in East Brunswick is easy to trace to a source. Obvious problems can cause significant damage, but have straightforward fixes that are soon in your rearview mirror:

  • Burst pipes -- call the plumber and mop up
  • Leaking roof from storms -- put on a new roof or repair existing flashing, decking, and shingles
  • Overflowing tubs -- usually an isolated instance

What Is the Connection Between Exterior or Foundation Leaks and Your Gutter System?

Many people ignore the gutters and downspouts on their East Brunswick home, not realizing this neglect exposes their residence to the potential for substantial and expensive damage. On occasion, some homeowners grow weary of gutter clogs and remove the entire drainage configuration. What are the consequences of no or inadequate maintenance or removal?

  • Rainwater fails to drain reliably through the downspouts, pounding and eroding instead encircling perimeter inches from the wood, stone, concrete, or cinder block of a home’s foundation.
  • Clogged gutters lead to “waterfalls” that can pour directly down a home’s siding, eventually leaking inside and draining into the basement.
  • Poorly insulated or sealed eaves adjacent to clogged gutters permit water to intrude into the attic, including the infamous “ice dams” signaled by picturesque icicles during the winter

Need to Arrange for an Improved Gutter System? Our General Contractor License is Why SERVPRO Can Offer More Than Water Removal and Structural Drying

Whether we recommend a quality subcontractor or manage enhanced gutters and downspouts ourselves, we want to eliminate recurring water damage for our residential customers. Gutters and drains should:

  • Have the capacity to handle torrential rain running off all parts of your roof
  • Be canted appropriately to direct the water flow toward the downspouts
  • Ensure that water draining from the roof deposits ten or more feet away from your home’s foundation 

Additionally, the ground immediately surrounding your home should slope down and away to prevent streams from infiltrating the foundation.

Twin desires to resolve current water damage and prevent future issues is why SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows digs in to discover the reason for persistent moisture issues. Call (732) 307-9665 for a comprehensive consultation.

Contractor Licenses:

General: 13VH06622700 

Signs That Damp Carpet in Your East Brunswick Home Cannot Be Restored.

8/6/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work. Water damage to your flooring is no DIY project. SERVPRO has you covered from start to finish for all water damage restoration services.

There Are Several Signals That Carpet is Not Salvageable After Water Damages. 

As one of the most commonly installed flooring materials, carpeting can become quickly damaged by water. Emergencies require SERVPRO professionals to mitigate this situation to prevent tear-out.

What Damages Can Carpets Sustain? 

Despite how water damage in East Brunswick can affect the entire house, flooring materials are often experiencing the heaviest tolls. Specific signals can indicate significant damage to carpets:

  • Delamination – This is where layers of the carpet material begin to separate. In the earliest stages, drying can overcome this process, but as it worsens, the carpet is no longer able to be preserved/restored.
  • Deterioration – Prolonged exposure to saturation can weaken fibers and the backing material to separate and deteriorate.
  • Subflooring/Padding Damage – When integrity damage or oversaturation exists with elements like the padding or the subflooring material, the carpet is often too heavily damaged for restoration.

Is It Ever Possible to Dry Carpeted Floors? 

Drying carpeting is not often as complicated as it might seem. This process's largest and most challenging aspect lies in extracting any trapped water caught in the fibers and padding.

Because carpeting can be a commonly installed element for homes and businesses in the area, having credible options for drying and restoring these materials is helpful. As experienced water restoration professionals, our SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows team is ready 24/7 at (732) 641-4023.

What Needs Cleaning in an East Brunswick Hotel After a Fire?

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team ready for action Fire, smoke and soot damage restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. Call now for fast and immediate services for your commercial property.

Several Individual Items in East Brunswick Accommodations Need Cleaning After a Fire. 

Despite the fast actions of fire suppression systems, structure fires can be devastating to your hotel business. Getting experienced professionals on-site to help quickly is vital, as these technicians can start efforts like debris removal to aid the whole property. This action looks to remove several threats, including:

Wall and Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Fire damage in East Brunswick hotels often targets the largest available surfaces, including the walls and the carpeted floors. With multiple types of smoke damage possible, the choice in the ideal removal tactic and cleaning option vary. Clearing thick residues often require a combination of equipment and products, ranging from media blasting to controlled demolition.

Contents and Artwork Cleaning Options 

Cleaning up belongings, artwork, and decor is one of the focuses of our responding technicians. Circulating soot can leave affected contents blackened and stained. We have efficient abrasive and agitative cleaning practices with potent cleansers to loosen and lift set-in soot soils.

Businesses like hotels and other accommodations require swift and deliberate actions after a fire. With the number of guests that can be impacted or even displaced by these disasters, we have a team of restoration professionals ready 24/7. Give our SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows team a call today at (732) 641-4023.

What Plainsboro Kitchen Elements Get Damaged from Appliance Leaking?

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

moisture meter in action When a kitchen appliance goes awol and causes water damage. SERVPRO is the team to call for all of the water damage restoration services.

Water Damage Can be Widespread in a Plainsboro Kitchen Without the Immediate Intervention of SERVPRO Professionals. 

The kitchen is one of the most high-traffic areas of your home and one that a water damage event can highly damage. When your dishwasher breaks or the sink springs a leak, water can spread quickly throughout the house.  

Long Exposure Threats for Cabinetry

Water cleanup for Plainsboro homes often means more than just mopping up surface water. With many cabinets built from particleboard and a laminate finish, water can quickly become a destructive force. We work to eliminate trapped moisture to reduce cabinet tear-out when possible.

Removing Surface and Trapped Water in Kitchens

After moisture meters and detection devices determine where the bulk of damage exists, our technicians' focus is to remove and dry this moisture. Surface water is often much easier to address and monitor, though structural cavities can also hide water damage. We have several tools in our inventory to help, including:

There are several ways that water-fed appliances in the kitchen could develop leaks or malfunctions that damage the property. As a common callout for our experienced SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows professionals, we arrive with extraction and drying tools to help. Give us a call anytime you need it at (732) 641-4023.

What Is the Function of a Mold Inspection for an East Brunswick Warehouse?

7/9/2021 (Permalink)

Mold on wall If mold is left unchecked, it can spread very quickly. Contact our IICRC certified mold damage remediation team for an assessment today.

Understanding the Damage can Provide Efficient Remediation Solutions for East Brunswick Businesses.

Many commercial structures in the area contend with higher moisture concerns and humidity with the Raritan River and proximity to Sandy Hook Bay. When mold becomes a threat to your business, our SERVPRO team can help.

What Does a Mold Inspection Look Hope to Find? 

We are a trusted name for fast and reliable remediation solutions because of how substantial mold damage in East Brunswick warehouses and manufacturing facilities can become. Our SERVPRO team begins this process with an accurate inspection and damage assessment of the property to identify the pressing concerns for the building and where mitigation and emergency services can have the greatest impacts.  

How Can Remediation Change on Collected Data? 

Multiple factors determine what remediation and mold removal strategies suit the situation best. A mold inspection of the grounds collects data, including where active colonization exists and the type of mold present on the property. With this information, an appropriate remediation strategy can get planned and executed.

Is Content Relocation Necessary? 

Removing damaged contents from the warehouse can protect these items from irreparable harm. Our cleaning technicians and professionals provide appropriate care until remediation inside the damaged property completes. This includes:

  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Deodorization

Mold is an overwhelming presence in commercial properties, but our SERVPRO of East Brunswick / Princeton Meadows team is ready to help 24/7 at (732) 432-9800.